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Privacy Policy 

The Pine Springs Ranch ( website uses “cookies.” Cookies are small files that contain information that a website stores on an individual’s hard drive. They can be useful for record-keeping purposes and to help us to tailor our Web site to the interests and needs of our visitors. Cookies may also be used to increase session security. We do not in any way use this information to personally identify individual users.

This site's owners use Google Analytics tracking software to better understand who visits this site.  This service records information such as where traffic to the site comes from, how long users stay on the site, and what they do while on the site.  Other information recorded includes what kind of computers and software access the site, where they are when they do and more. 

The reason we track this information is, so that we can better understand who accesses the information on, so that it can be better tailored to our viewers' needs.  We do not collect any personally identifying data in doing this.  If you wish to opt out of this tracking you can visit Google analytics' Opt Out Page.

Pine Springs Ranch will not sell or distribute any information, including personal or identifying information, which is obtained through your use of this website. Any names or information provided by users of the website shall only be used for the purpose such information is provided.

For further information regarding this website or anything related to it, you may send email to the Site Administrator or write to:
Attn: PSR Webmaster 
Mountain Center, CA 92561

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