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Here at Pine Springs Ranch we strive to provide the best experience possible at an affordable rate. To ensure that all guests have this opportunity and can safely enjoy their retreat, there are some rules and regulations that we must enforce.  If at any point you have a question about our policies, please ask us and we will do our best to explain them. 


Basketball, horseshoes, soccer, volleyball, softball, table tennis, foosball, hiking, swimming*, ropes course* are available for your group's enjoyment. Some activities are seasonal such as go-carts*, mountain biking*, swimming, and archery*. Those activities are available only by special advance request. Some sports equipment is available at the Lodge front desk, but you are encouraged to bring your own. Sports activities and equipment are unavailable from sundown Friday evening through sundown Saturday evening in accordance with Seventh-day Adventist worship beliefs and policies.

(*) must be arranged well in advance of your group's arrival because of additional fees and safety requirements.

Off-road motor vehicles, motorized scooters or skateboarding, (non-motorized skateboards, scooters, and bikes are permitted only with the use of proper safety equipment-helmets).  Use of firearms, sling shots, unauthorized bows and arrows including crossbows, hunting and fishing of any kind. Cutting of trees and plants. Use of ropes course without PSR instructors.  Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and illegal non-prescription drugs.  NO PETS  are allowed anywhere on the property.  Any damage caused or cleaning incurred from non-compliance will result in a cleaning fee or replacement charge. The cleaning fee per Lodge room/cabin for smoking is $125.00.

We have a total of  20 camper cabins which are located in two separate villages of 10. Each cabin has four sets of bunk beds and one queen bed. Cabins are carpeted, insulated, and have a wall furnace. Linens are NOT provided - guests need to bring sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and toiletries.  Bathrooms and showers are located in a nearby centralized village bathhouse.

If a cancellation occurs, and Pine Springs Ranch is unable to rebook the date(s) reserved, (a) over 90 days from the date of the retreat, only the deposit is forfeited; (b) between 31 and 90 days, 50 percent of the guaranteed minimum will be due; or (c) 30 days or less, the total guaranteed minimum is due.

Guests may check in with the Desk Clerk at the Lodge front desk beginning at 3:30PM on the first day of the retreat. All financial arrangements and obligations need to be made prior to the group's check-in.


Guests must check-out with the Desk Clerk at the Lodge front desk by 11:00AM on the last day of the retreat.  However, guests may be asked to check out of their rooms by 9:00 am if there is another group coming in that day.  Full weekend package price will be charged for anyone checking out after 11:00 am on Saturday. There are additional fees for anyone checking out after the agreed upon check-out time . The additional fee per room for late stays is $30.00 up until 2:00PM.  After that time an additional day will be charged per room.

All facilities are checked after each group's use. Any damage to facilities, equipment, or property will be charged to your group. No moving of beds, equipment, tables, or chairs is permitted without checking with Manager on Duty. Youth groups will be charged a refundable security deposit of $500.00. Youth groups are defined as the majority of the group consisting of youth 17 years old or younger.

All guests on the campgrounds are required to register with the Desk Clerk at the Lodge front desk. Registrants will receive a guest pass authorizing them to be on campus. The Group Leader and the Manager on Duty need to authorize any Day Pass meal tickets for which prior arrangement had not been made.  Please note, there is a charge for day use with or without meals. Please see the Rate Sheet.

Campfires are permitted only in certain areas by permission of the local fire department during certain times of the year.  No fires of any kind are allowed without prior approval and under the supervision of Pine Springs Ranch personnel.

Group leaders are responsible for providing for the medical needs of their group, including a First Aid Kit, any transportation necessary, and an adult within their group with CPR certification from a nationally-recognized provider.  In case of an emergency, the Pine Springs Ranch staff will call 911.

Delicious, well-balanced vegetarian meals are served buffet-style in our Cafeteria. To provide top quality meals, the serving line is open for 30 minutes during each meal. Please advise the members of your group accordingly. Sorry, no refunds on unused meal tickets. Meal times are as follows (unless prior arrangements have been made): Breakfast 8:00-8:30am, Lunch 12:30-1:00pm, Supper 5:30-6:00pm; exceptions are Sunday Brunch 8:30-9:00am and Friday Supper 6:30-7:00pm. If refreshments are desired, prior arrangements are necessary. No food or beverage is to be removed from the cafeteria.  There is a fee for any group starting designated meals 15 minutes past the agreed scheduled time. The fee will be no less than $50.00 and up to the actual cost for extended labor hours.

The Group Leader acts as a liaison between Pine Springs Ranch and the group members and is responsible for communicating and helping to implement policies and procedures required by Pine Springs Ranch. The Pine Springs Ranch Manager on Duty will request time be allowed early in your program to present a brief orientation to your group. Please pay close attention to the Registration sheets.

Meal counts, meeting room equipment needs and completed room assignment sheets are due 7 days prior to arrival. An information deposit, not to exceed $200.00, will be added to all standard contracts. Groups providing all necessary information at least 7 days prior to arrival will have their Information Deposit returned. Those who do not have all necessary information submitted 7 days prior to arrival will forfeit their information deposit. At the camp's discretion, minor changes after the deadline date may not affect group's information deposit status.

Contracts are written with an indicated guaranteed minimum for rooms/cabins, meals, guests, and meeting area(s). Children 12 and under do not count against the adult minimum. For youth groups, the group guarantees a number of full-time youth and full-time staff. If group attendance and/or room/cabin usage falls below the minimum for all or part of the duration, the contract minimum guarantee amount will be charged. Groups are billed: 

(1) for the contracted packages according to the number of adults actually using the room at the rate indicated on the contract or rate sheet (children in rooms with their parents are billed at indicated child rate),

(2) for use of the requested meeting room(s), and

(3) for any other contracted or non-contracted services requested.

Guests pick up and return room keys to the Desk Clerk at the Lodge front desk. There is a $5.00 fee for lost or unreturned keys.

A Certificate of Insurance (1 million per occurrence) is required for all groups not affiliated with the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Certificate is to list "Southeastern California Conference" as additional insured. (Uninsured individuals check with the PSR office for possible waiver options.)

Each of the 79 lodge rooms is attractively decorated and has two queen beds, two single trundles, private bath, individual heat thermostat, and all linens are provided. Rooms are assigned to guest members by their group leader. The lodge also has several rooms that are slightly larger to accommodate those with physical disabilities.

Pine Springs Ranch is not liable for lost items. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after 30 days.

Guests receive pre-arranged meal tickets/wristbands from the Desk Clerk at the Lodge front desk upon check-in. Present the appropriate meal ticket/wristbands for each meal at the Cafeteria. Sorry, no refunds for skipped meals or unused meal tickets.

Meeting rooms are requested and assigned according to group size and needs. Pine Springs Ranch reserves the right to assign meeting rooms. In the event a group is moved to a larger meeting room than contracted, the lower rate will apply.

A deposit of at least 10% of the contract guaranteed minimum (but not less than $100.00) is required along with the signed contract to secure a reservation. Payment in full is due upon your ARRIVAL at Pine Springs Ranch before any use of the facility can begin. Additional fees will be billed and are due within 10 days. Interest will be charged on any balance due after 30 days.

Please feel free to contact Pine Springs Ranch Guest Services Office at any time prior to your retreat, where the Reservations Coordinator will be glad to help you. The lodge desk clerk or Manager on Duty will be happy to assist you during your stay.

Quiet time is observed from 11:30 pm to 6:30 am Saturday and Sunday, and from 11:00 pm to 6:30 AM Monday - Friday. We ask that all guests respect the needs of our other guests.

Please contact the camp regarding appropriate methods and locations for displaying signs, banners, posters, etc., or the hanging of paper, cloth, or other such items. We highly suggest the use of removable adhesive putty, gaffer tape, or 3M Command products. NO DUCT-TAPE, MASKING TAPE, PACKING TAPE, NAILS, TACKS, STAPLES, ETC. ARE TO BE USED ON WALLS, FLOORS, CEILINGS, TABLES, DOORS, OR ANY OTHER CAMP PROPERTIES.  Each group is responsible for the removal of all signs, banners, posters, decorations, etc. prior to departure.

Each group and/or parent(s) are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times when not in an organized activity. They are also responsible to see that children abide by camp policies. No one under 18 is allowed to stay in the Lodge rooms or Cabins without adult supervision. Children are not permitted to run, or shout inside buildings, play on stairs, or any other similar activities that might disturb other guests.

Phones are currently available in some of the first floor Lodge rooms. A deposit of $10.00 is required to activate each phone. Calls are $.75 each (including 1-800 calls), plus the cost of the call. Payment in full is required at check-out. The Lodge front desk sells phone cards for a nominal price.

Each vehicle is to be registered at the Lodge front desk with the Desk Clerk at the time of check-in. Please unload your vehicle immediately and park your vehicle in a marked space in the parking lot. Fire regulations prohibit parking elsewhere.

For all groups using Pine Springs Ranch facilities which consist of minors without their parents the following ratio of staff on duty with campers in units or living groups and in general camp activities is required: Campers age 4-5 years 1 staff for each 5 campers; campers age 6-8 years 1 staff per 6 campers; campers age 9 -14 years 1 staff per 8 campers; campers age 15-18 1 staff per 10 campers. For groups with campers having special physical, medical, or behavioral needs the needs of the ratio of adults to campers may be as low as 1 on 1 - please contact Pine Springs Ranch for details. A minimum of one adult supervisor is required in each sleeping area. (i.e. lodge room, cabins, tents, etc.)

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